Allotrope audio repairs and PAT testing
Vintage & contemporary audio equipment repaired, serviced & modified.
Bespoke equipment manufactured.
We have a very large selection of test equipment.
We have many common & generic spare parts in stock.
Need your studio, touring, office or rest area equipment PAT tested?
We are now City & Guilds Qualified.

We are based in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area but we travel anywhere in the UK, with regular visits to studios in the West Midlands, Bristol & London areas.

Keep up to date with where we are & when on facebook.

Contact to discuss just what is possible. With 25 years experience of repairing & modifying audio equipment on tour, in the studio & workshop, AAR has all the knowledge to repair your loved rare or vintage instruments, amplifiers & effects:
  • We understand the need for servicing your touring equipment to a high roadworthy standard 
  • We can make bespoke versions of your favourite signal processors so you don't have to
    subject the originals to the rigours of touring
  • We will also modify devices to suit all your musical requirements


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A small selection of equipment recently repaired in the workshop:

Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp picture. Farfisa Compact Combo Organ picture.      H&H Tape Echo picture. Roland RE201, 301, 501, 555 Tape EchoEchoplex & watkins coppycats. Vox AC30,AC15 Guitar Amplifiers. Vox organs, Gem Jumbo. Wurlitzer EP 200a, & b Keyboard.Ampeg Reverb Rocket Guitar Amplifier. Drawmer verious studio effects Fender Deluxe, Champ, Twin Reverb, Bassman, Guitar Amplifier's. Westrax Vintage Cinema Amplifier. Korg MS20, Univox 700s Juno 6, 60, 106, synthesisers. Various Marshall, Hi Watt & Sound City Amplifiers. Original & Jimmy Hendrix Fuzz Face. Dunlop Cry Baby Original. EH Electric Mistress & 16 Second Delay. Pro Co Rat. Colorsound Tonebender, Overdriver & Wah Wah. Conn Electric Band. Hammond M104. Leslie 33, 122, 145, 147, 330, 760. Yamaha DPM7 Mixer.   Moog Mini. Moog Moog voyager. Moog Phatty. GEM S3 Turbo Modifications to Trident Series 70 (Beth Gibbons) Maintenance to a DDA AMR 24 Desk - State of art studio's Bristol (Geoff Barrow, Portishead, Beak>) Restoration and Installation of DDA AMR 24 Desk - J & J Studios (Jim Barr, Get The Blessing)









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AAR is a Huw Williams enterprise along with Portatech & Intune Audio Services.